We want to be part of the solution, giving value to waste and transforming it into different formats of surfboards to be able to carry out activities at sea.

We want to contribute to the care of the environment and improve our environmental culture, creating awareness among the population and children about the consequences of our consumption, our waste and the subsequent contamination as a result of poor waste management.

​We want to contribute to good living by promoting healthy living and sports, and by reversing current illegal micro dumps (such as beaches, river banks, etc.) in pollution-free public spaces, so that the community can enjoy them in a healthy environment . We want to save the oceans from bad waste management, all of this, while working together with each community.


We want to be actors in strengthening the human capacity to understand that we are part of the biosphere, that our existence depends on the existence of the ecosystem, and that this is not a mere object that is at the service of the human being.

​We want to strengthen this awareness and we hope that with this we will recover our roots in the place where we live; value the conservation of our environment; admire the landscape as a cultural construction; and restore the oceans together with the biodiversity that their existence makes possible.


  • Strengthen the education of future generations on sustainability issues
  • Empowering communities in the sustainable management of their waste
  • Promote the value of waste and show that with creativity, innovation and technology the circular economy is possible
  • Inform and raise awareness about the consequences of our pollution and generation of waste
  • Contribute to the conservation of areas of high ecological value in our country
  • Carry out actions that help keep the oceans free of plastics
  • Recover natural public spaces to link the community with the nature of its environment
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